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Managing Teams and Individuals Module 2A (2 days)
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The programme is aimed at new and experienced supervisors and first line managers who have little or no previous training. Graduates, middle managers and others wishing to improve and formalise their knowledge, understanding and awareness will also benefit from this module.

  • Leadership and leadership styles
  • Team performance
  • Persuading and Influencing Individuals
  • Personal Development

  • How you can personally identify your competence and development needs and develop appropriate strategies to meet them.
  • Understand and apply the concept of emotional intelligence.
  • The application of leadership styles and team performance dynamics; gaining influence, commitment and credibility with the team.
  • Employment legislation and its impact on labour planning, recruitment and selection.
  • Negotiation skills to reduce resistance and mediate conflict situations positively.

  • ECITB Certificate of Attendance
  • ECITB Certificate of Achievement on completion of the work based task assignment associated with this module.
The ECITB SMTD Programme
The programme is divided into 7 modules and includes training on managing teams and individuals, presentation skills, project management and management of health, safety and the environment. The modules are:
Additional SMTD Courses
Discretionary grants may be available from the ECITB to cover training and development opportunities not currently covered by ECITB courses. Lowton Training Services can help you identify these training needs and will design a specific training course to meet them.
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