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The Boulting Group
Boulting Group wanted to improve the capabilities of their supervisors by developing individual behaviours, skills and knowledge to enable them to be more effective people managers. The desired outcomes were higher productivity on site and improved bottom line.
The Boulting Group

Programme design
As ECITB licensed training providers, Lowton Training Services identified the Supervisory Management Training & Development (SMTD) Modules relating to managing people - Managing Teams and Individuals Modules 2A and 2B as the best match for the needs of Boulting Supervisors. Content was delivered to meet the specific needs of the supervisors - a pilot course, attended by selected Boulting Group Engineers and Managers, was used to ensure that the content addressed all relevant issues.

Programme delivery
Delivery of the programme was achieved by running 2 x 2 day modules, a month apart, for each of four groups of 12 supervisors. The first module focused on effective communication and general management principles and how they apply within the supervisor’s role within Boulting Group. The second related to managing and improving poor performance, employment law, disciplinary issues and Boulting Group procedures. Boulting Group’s HR managers presented Boulting Group procedures and expectations and participated with case studies and role plays on performance and disciplinary matters.

The programme was well received with delegates enthusiastically participating in activities and discussions.  Although there was a lot of collective experience among delegates, the majority had had little formal management training.  It was recognised that they could improve productivity using more effective performance management techniques, which they were keen to learn. As well as using the appropriate management and influencing styles they identified that the key to success was using assertive communication techniques, more timely intervention and less tolerance of poor performance. They learned how to manage more effectively within Boulting Group procedures by taking a more structured approach to poor performance, using Gap Analysis for capability issues and a more formal escalating approach to conduct issues to ensure swift resolution of problems.
"Lowton Training Services specialise in training technically excellent people; providing them with new sets of highly useful skills which they can apply instantly and effectively".
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