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Lowton Training Services Limited was been delivering high quality, performance driven training for over 16 years. Founded by Steve Kelly, Managing Director, LTS has extensive experience in a wide variety of industries within both the private and public sector.

Starting his career as a marine engineer, Steve has considerable experience of large construction projects in the nuclear industry where he developed apprentices, craftsmen, managers and professionals.

By bringing together a team of highly skilled and broadly experienced consultants, LTS provides training in a diverse and flexible range of programmes, delivered in a variety of highly customised services depending on personal and business needs.

LTS specialises in the development and delivery of management, organisational and personal effectiveness training and coaching. Expertise in LTS also includes management and leadership, employee relations, supervisory skills, conflict resolution and negotiation.

The training is always insightful and motivating. Personal coaching enables each individual to extract the most out of every training session, ensuring everyone‘s new skills are not only personally tailored to them but also to their workplace environment.

Lowton Training Services use reaction and application evaluation to measure training effectiveness. Both these processes underpin a fundamental belief in continuous improvement.

"Lowton Training Services have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries within both the private and public sector".
For more information or to enquire about our training, please email us steve.kelly@lowton-training.co.uk
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